Tuesday, 12 August 2014

AXOLOTL - Jack Fallows

This guy!

Cracking colour cover...yes I think I am drawn to cracking colour covers with stella art and gorgeous paper.

The drive for this collection, as the authour tells us in the intro, was to go back to basics and draw whatever. I like this ethos, art is suppose to be enjoyable.

The mini comic is a definite outpouring of thought, full of relationship struggles through the darker days but I like that kinda comic. Reminds me of Julie Doucet and Jeffrey Brown. If you like that kinda thing too you'll like this and you can pick it up at OK Comics or Black Lodge Press. I think these are called autobiographix, at least thats what I say I like when I want to sound clever.

I like spying on other peoples lives and angst it's like reading their diary but with permissions and nice drawings.
I believe in the therapeutic nature of art and reading about other people's awquardly similar struggles.
I shall be tracking down some more of his work starting with creator Jack Fallow's website

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