Wednesday, 27 August 2014

PRETTY DEADLY- Written by Kelly Sue Deconnick, Art by Emma Rios

This was a recommendation from the chap at Gosh who said if you like Battling Boy you’ll like this.
And I did, I really did.

A dark twisting story with excellent edgy strong female characters, set in a wild west featuring tastes of Eurydice and Persephone intertwined together into a epic spin.
I have never encountered the character Death quite like this before and this is an interesting take on its possible persona.

The spine of the story is poetic and dark in a beautiful macabre way without being gushy or flowery.
The characters have layers upon layers and invite you to peel away and follow them through the book finding out who and why they are.
With the pace of a classic spaghetti western and the dreamy smokey surrealism of otherworldly-ness that seeps into the journey, this character laden troop, take us with them unraveling their story as we go.

This feels and reads like mythology but action packed and punched, with strong lead women having full on battles without being sexualised (hooray!) 

Don’t get me wrong there are a few pages I couldn’t read on the bus but they added to character development.

The artwork stunning and evocative with panels dancing across the page.
I was soo engaged I don’t remember looking.

Published by Image, the first edition of the collected comics is half the normal price, so it's worth a try. I have to say, Image have a nice range of comics at the moment, I like to keep my eye on certain publishers.

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