Sunday, 10 August 2014

The New Ghost -Robert Hunter

My hand gravitated to this from the beautiful blue of the cover and was rewarded with a gentle flowing tale of a lonesome being trying to find it's purpose, getting lost and found.

I could see no flaw in the story it closed neatly and satisfyingly, taking the characters to a rewarding conclusion. I don't wanna give away any spoilers and thus deprive you of reading pleasure.

I guess my encouragement would be that this is a complete ethereal tale, it leaves you wondering about the world it came from and where that world is now. It peers at our world and we peer back.

It is a window like any good short story a tiny little window you can peer through and see a minutes tale, a portion a time away, a small cloud on the horizon perfectly encapsulated and complete.

Yep, a dreamy little book, a pocket thinker.

This is part of Nobrow's 17x23 series (named after the dimensions of the booklets)
I love publisher Nobrow's sense of style, they really bring out the best in their artists and showcase such top end designer talent.

The author Robert Hunter is a prolific and successful illustrator, check out some of his other work on his website.

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