Sunday, 14 September 2014

Small Press Shopping

Due to short funds and rapidly reducing space and my own desires to explore the who, how and why not, I have got into exploring the Small Press.

It is hard to ignore all the other books you want but I find limitations open doors to the unexpected, so when I go to, my own personal mecca, the comic store, I search out the shelf of small press goodies.

They're not always easy to find but when you do it tends to overflow with gold.

So I'm on hols and can't be carrying big books around so loaded myself up with my smaller paper-based buddies, the mini comics.

Here's my haul. which includes:

Pope Hats by Ethan Riley
The New Ghost by Robert Hunter
Vertigo Quarterly (not actually small press)
Axolotl by Jack Fallows
Sunshine Bay by Tom Plant

I visited TravellingMan and the exquisite highly acclaimed OK Comics, man that place is lovely, reminds me of the old GOSH in Holborn before it's current location in Soho (which I love esp. as I work minutes away from).

It was humming with quality, hard to keep my focus on goal of small press only. Tempts me to move to Leeds and to live above or super near a comic shop.

And they were helpful when I asked about small press printers in Leeds they pointed me towards Kristyna Baczynski who in-turn rapidly replied with helpfulness pointing me towards Footprints Workers Co-op based in the hills of Leeds.

I got my mini comic printed and delivered by hand to my brothers (how nice is that!) and am chipping away at distribution.
Over all a pretty productive holiday with a healthy comics theme (despite being hit by a car -long story)

Man I love comics..

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