Sunday, 14 September 2014

Walrus: Brandon Graham's All Bum Album

Picked this up on a whim, I am a sucker for paper texture and this book felt good.

The muted colours and line-work also appealed to me but at first glance it felt like it would be a sketchbook not a story.
I was wrong which was nice.

This is a trippy adventure through the random thoughts of author Brandon Graham.
Such epic artwork, love the line and the thinking and intricate locations.
It has an autobiographic nature talking about his partner and her work and his work and their lives and daily weaving that into his imagination.
I think this is why I really like this book there is a narrative and it's the personable ramblings we all have.

And oh man I love the thought thats gone into the colour and paper, I don't know if that is the publishers thing or the authors or both but I love it.
The publishing house is interesting PictureBox (and I've just found out they closed as a company after 13 years, man why do I find these things out too late!)

This is defiantly a book I can look at and study again and again, both inspiring and fascinating.
It is like peering into someones head, silly and pervy and random and thoughtful with a strong injected dose of healthy scifi.

Yeah I enjoyed this and would recommend this.
I am now a fan of Brandon Graham!

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