Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Moomin, The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip

I grew up in power cut, nuclear paranoid eighties London and what I knew of Moomins was a eeeriy dark stop motion animation of strange creatures doing obscure things. I was robbed. 

It has taken me decades to discover the true delight of Moomins.  
I finally found them after a trip to Finland where the much loved author Tove Jansson was born and lived and where they are currently celebrating the 100 anniversary of her birth. I was visiting my good friend who reintroduced me to the Moomins through her love of Tove Janssons work and all things Moomin. 

So on the way home I purchased Moomin, The Complete Tove Jansson Comic strip to read on the plane, as I had taken to her design and character work, which is just beautiful and adorable, then finally I discovered how funny and sweet Moomins actually are. They are jolly,silly, anarchic, irreverent and dreamy, they have a lovely self contained other worldlyness. They are very reminiscent of another comic character I grew up with Pogo Possum, it is different but contains a similar element of charm, humour and random adventure.
This book has 4 stories introducing us to all the characters and their world. This has made me want to read more of her work and to introduce them to my 2 year old niece.

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