Sunday, 26 October 2014

Seconds by Bryan O'Malley

Seconds by Bryan O'Malley

Now I bet your thinking, not another review of Seconds, well yea but I don't write reviews I write recommendations and I recommend this.

I really enjoyed reading it, I read it in one sitting from Leeds to London, I am a terrible binge reader when it comes to comics. I picked this up at Leeds Travelling Man.
You know the kookiest thing? When I got off the train at St.Pancreas, my open bag in my hand and at the top was my large Seconds book and y'know who I walked past? Bryan O freaking Malley, if I'd had the balls I woulda got him to sign it.
It wouldn't have been wierd for him cause I was passing the Comica Comiket day at the British library, so he'd probably been meeting and greeting fans all day but it was weird for me and pretty cool.

Anyways back to the book, I loved Seconds; the characters, the magic, the flow of the book, I couldn't put it down and it didn't try to hard it just was it kinda nicely rolled from part to part.

This is a good read and a good buy.

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